Meet the Owner!

Hi friend! My name is Mo! Some may know me as @thecactusrose on instagram! I am the founder and creative mind behind The Cosmic Renegade! This has been a dream of mine for many years now. I am SO thankful to have the honor of sharing my dream with you!

I am a small town East Texas girl born and raised! My love of fashion started at a very young age. I dreamed of being a high fashion designer. I remember gathering magazines from around the house, finding pictures of pieces I liked and drawing them in a spiral note book just like the REAL fashion designers did. Little did I know my dream would come true. I may not design looks that will be featured on the runway during fashion week, but I am doing so much more! As I grew up experiencing life’s ups and downs, I knew God had a bigger plan for me. I just knew I was meant for something great. God has blessed my life with The Cactus Rose and CRDC platforms to spread HIS light and share HIS joy with the world.

I started CRDC because I knew the fashion community needed a place for EVERYONE. No limits or exclusions. No stigmas or stereotypes. A place for all races, shapes/sizes, and backgrounds to call home. A community. Yes, CRDC is a business, but I am here to use this business for Gods work. I believe I am here today for God to use me as a foundation within the western fashion community to bring women together and remind them how beautiful they are... even myself. Lord knows I’m not perfect but I truly believe through my love of fashion and vintage apparel, I WILL be Gods light and help women see themselves through the eyes of God... one pair of jeans at a time! ⚡️⚡️⚡️