How to Measure

How to Measure WITH Denim

1. Grab a pair of 100% cotton denim pants/shorts (NO STRETCHY DENIM) that you love and fit comfortably. Any high waisted 100% cotton wranglers/Levi’s/Rockies that fit well will work perfectly!

2. Lay the denim flat on the floor! Grab a measuring tool. Examples: Soft measuring tape, carpenters measuring tape, yard stick... any will work! 

3. Lay the measuring tool of your choice flat on the ground. Lay the waist of your denim right underneath.  

4. Gently push the corners of the denim into the measuring tool to align the denim with a hash mark. Try not to stretch/push the denim too much to keep the measurement true. This will also help with insuring the best comfort and fit! The picture above shows a pair measuring 12 inches across. Multiply that number by 2 and that will give you a 24” waist measurement. If you are in between a whole number or half, I always recommend sizing up! For example, if your denim measures 12.75 inches across, I would round up to a 13 and shop for waist size 26” for comfort! 

5. To measure the rise of your denim (or how high up the waist falls) start at the seam of the crotch and measure all the way up until the denim stops above the button. This step is super important for mid rise denim! The small of your waist can measure 26” but if the jeans have a mid/low rise fit you will need to reference the rise and measure accordingly. 

6. Measuring the hips is most important for the good ol 13MWZ wranglers and curvier gals! The wranglers are super boxy because they’re made for men. They’re not designed to accommodate those beautiful curves God have us gals. If you’re like me and pack a lot of heat in the hips and booty, I HIGHLY recommend measuring. As shown in the photo, measure straight across about half way down the shorts or what would be the middle of your booty. Just like the waist, you will take the number and multiply by 2! 

I really hope this step by step guide is helpful. If you have any questions after reading, PLEASE do not hesitate to DM me on instagram @thecosmicrenegade or your go to CRDC Rep  - We are more than happy to help!

- Mo💕